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As summer approaches and temperatures rise, families across the Midwest turn to the inviting cool of their backyard pools. At The Great Escape, where family fun and relaxation are at the heart of what we do, we recognize that the joy of swimming comes with a responsibility to ensure safety. Here are some essential pool safety tips to keep your summer splashes safe and delightful.

Pool Safety Tips

1. Supervise Children Constantly

Never underestimate the importance of vigilant supervision. Children should always be under the watchful eye of a responsible adult who can swim and is trained in CPR. Active engagement—not just presence—is key to preventing accidents.

2. Install Proper Fencing

A sturdy fence is your first line of defense against unintended access to your pool. Ensure it is at least four feet high with self-closing, self-latching gates, out of children's reach. No footholds or handholds should be present that could aid in climbing.

3. Utilize Advanced Step Systems

For an added layer of safety, consider The Great Escape's advanced step and ladder systems, featuring retractable ladders and locking mechanisms. These are designed to prevent accidental access when the pool is not in use. Explore our collection and find the one that best suits your pool.

4. Learn Water Safety Skills

Water safety is a skill for life. We encourage every family member to enroll in swimming lessons and for adults and teens to learn CPR and basic water rescue techniques. These skills are invaluable during an emergency.

4. Establish and Enforce Pool Rules

Create a set of non-negotiable pool rules such as no diving in shallow areas, no running, no glass near the pool, and never swimming alone. Display these rules prominently around your pool area to remind everyone to stay mindful while enjoying the water.

5. Use Proper Flotation Devices

While pool toys and floaties are fun, they are not substitutes for proper flotation devices. When needed, use U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets or vests. Avoid relying on water wings or inflatable toys to keep someone afloat, as they can deflate quickly and are not designed to keep a swimmer's head above water.

6. Maintain Clear Water and Clean Surroundings

Ensure your pool water is clean and clear. Murky water can obscure hazards at the bottom of the pool and make it difficult to see if someone is struggling underwater. Regularly check and balance the water's chemical levels and protect the pool area from trip hazards like toys or equipment. To ensure your pool water is clean and safe, visit any of The Great Escape stores across the Midwest for free digital water testing. This service helps you maintain the perfect chemical balance for clear, safe swimming water.

7. Prepare for Emergencies

Keep a phone close and rescue equipment like life hooks or rings easily accessible. Familiarize yourself with the signs of drowning and appropriate emergency responses to act swiftly if needed. Preparing for the worst-case scenario can help prevent it from happening.

Dive into Summer with The Great Escape

By integrating these safety measures, your pool will be a secure and joyful place for the whole family this summer. At The Great Escape, we're dedicated to enhancing your home leisure experience with safety and fun as our top priorities. Remember, adequate pool safety is about preparation and prevention. Dive into summer confidently, knowing you're well-prepared to keep your pool area secure and your loved ones safe.